TL900 HEADLAMP: Read First Before Use !!!

Primitive survivor is the dynamic gear introducing company which works out to provide us all that we require during camping, hiking, riding etc. It has launched wonderful equipments regarding emitting the era with strong and powerful batteries. So, TL900 HEADLAMP is another featured product of primitive survivors which is a super addition to the essential gears for camping and recreate outdoors.

TL900 HEADLAMP are very interesting to use, it is powerful light projection which allows you to quench large view in dark night. This is very usable for entertaining and working outside or working in the dark night. That headband fits over the top of your head and around the sides, making it adjustable in three different ways.

  • There’s no need to change batteries every now and then since this headlamp contains a rechargeable battery that can give you 100,000 hours of lamp life.
  • The batteries are rechargeable; too, so you won’t be spending anything else once you buy this product.
  • You can use this headlamp using any of its 4 modes: strobe, high, low, or SOS.
  • The battery box displays a red light to indicate which mode you’re using.
  • If you’re exploring in a cave or simply want to beam light through a dark trail, this headlamp’s angle can be adjusted up to 90 degrees.
  • The headlamp’s beam can focus at a maximum zoom of 2000 more than its normal focus. You can choose from normal, up to x250 zoom, to 500, 1000, and 2000.
  • It provides an output light of 800 to 1000 lumens.

The headlamp is packed with features that allow you to use it for a variety of different applications. For emergency situations, it’s a great tool for search and rescue operations; for industrial settings such as in mining and manufacturing; and for outdoor adventures such as for camping, biking, jogging, and hiking.

You can use head lights in following environments:

  • Camping
  • Caving
  • Working On A Motorcycle
  • Home Repairs
  • Working On A Car
  • Home Repairs
  • Reading in bed
  • Wearing on your bike helmet
  • Fishing
  • Trail running
  • Sailing
  • Grilling
  • Cleaning house
  • Disaster adding team

The Benefits and working of the TL900 HEADLAMP:

This top quality TL 900 tactical headlamp is very user friendly and wearable potential which allows you to dedicatedly work on something without any hectic light emitting problem, where your head turns the light follow the direction and you can view the clear site in the darkness. There are following benefits which make it special and user0friendly to use:

  • Stable
  • Hand free lighting
  • Compact and light weight
  • Durable

The styles of its straps are simple but variant that you can set it according to your requirement which make it more appealing for the customers. It’s stability makes the product more appealing to enjoy a hurdle free adventure. The exploring something make the time hectic if you have to handle a lots of  things in your hands specially light so you can feel due to its hand-free feature  which totally allows you to take control of the light according to head movements. It gives you to feel freedom while camping and boost the multi-tasking and allows you to use your both hands in all situations.

These lights are also used during the biking on a trail in the woods, or simply heading out to relieve yourself while out camping having the liberty of using both of your hands will provide you with the convenience and the ability to keep safe from possible accidents. It is definitely an amazing chance to use a high power LED bulb as you’re as a headlamp.

TL900 HEADLAMP has made it possible to give us a strong light in a light weight but solid material which is not easily breakable and act a vital role in life saving tasks as well during some emergency or high alerts, or providing volunteer services to certain affected areas by any mishap or disaster. High power lights are usually considered in heavy volume and large size usually but in actual the TL900 HEADLAMP is specifically made to be compact and lightweight so you can wear it on your head for hours without any strain on your head or neck. You won’t have headaches with this number since it’s light and easy to wear The premium quality aluminum enhance the durability and its water proof feature allows to work or go out during raining. Its moveable, portable and useful. It has different lighting modes which allow you to give a vibrant solution to the requirement of the light. It allows you to give a blinking impact during sailing. There are lots of other uses of the TL900 HEADLAMP which you will see after using it yourself.

How to buy it?

You can purchase the product directly from the primitive survivor’s website, You can get different packages and offers from there also. It is available at the low price of 59$ which is very reasonable for this wonderful and power emitting gadget. The TL900 HEADLAMP is currently available online only.

User compliments:

User1_ “Pretty cool headlamp here. I use it on early morning hikes. Not sure if it’s meant to be used that way but I like to get out before everybody else so it has been useful for me. I also get it useful during my camping and late night wandering with my friends preventing any possible accident. It’s a wonderful addition to my gadgets and permanent part of my bag now.”

User2____ “I have bought the TL900 HEADLAMP as a birthday gift for my husband, I saw it to my friend which randomly use it during all her tasks without getting any headache, in fact I love the portability feature because it helps a lot to take a relaxing time with my books in bed. It makes the study easier, that I highly recommend it for others who are also hiking or camping lovers.”


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